Horizon Point Inc offers Rave Review Training and Speaking on topics related to Resilience, Confidence, and Influence:

1. Training topics for organizations undergoing Change:

-Success under Stress

-Resilience during Change

-Friction-Free Relationships

►Has your organization gone through a series of changes, now each person does the work of 3?

► Are your people tyrannized by their ‘to do list’ and everything seems like a priority (they survive their task list but have no time to innovate and think strategically)?

► Do your surveys reflect low engagement or change fatigue?

►►► Business Leaders, CHROs, D&I professionals, Conference Planners, Team Retreat Organizers, and Women’s Network Leaders:

You want to inspire your teams to embrace change and stay engaged.

  1. Your employees are dedicated professionals who want to stay calm and confident – not react – so they can move collaboration forward and complete projects even when the pressure’s on…
  2. They want to re-energize and focus so they can finish high priority work and be present at home…
  3. They want more uninterrupted time to think, and coach others…
  4. And sleep well through the night instead of waking at 2am with thoughts racing…
  5. I offer a practical solution.

Our award-winning trainings on Success under Stress, Resilience during Change, and Friction-Free Relationships provide an actionable toolkit.


- Up to 1 hr/day more productivity

- Increased engagement

- Retention of high potentials who see more control over their future

- Up to 30% more energy at 5pm

- Trust, completed projects instead of silos


“Engaging, invigorating, a truly fresh look at common challenges. Our team gave rave reviews on how her material was helpful in immediate, practical ways. Most highly recommended.” -Nora Cashion, Merck

"Your real-world advice allowed me to be even more effective as leader of our organization." -Mike Kochenour, Chairman & CEO, York Traditions Bank

"Rated Most Valuable part of our Women in Leadership program" -Charlotte Hawthorne, Eli Lilly

Want your colleagues to embrace change and sustain high performance? Let’s talk. For speaking & training, email Dr. Melnick at

2. Training topics for organizations who want to support the advancement of their female talent:

-Confidence when it Counts

- Confident Influential Leader

- From Pigeon Holed to Promoted

Business Leaders, CHROs, D&I professionals, Conference Planners, Team Retreat Organizers, and Women’s Network Leaders:

Do you want to:

► Create a pipeline of top talent and feed succession plans by advancing multicultural women into next level positions and expanding responsibilities

► Support high achieving, high potential women to have a voice at the table and fulfill potential even in the face of gender and racial bias

► Train participants to increase the impact of their ideas to profit the company and position them for future opportunities

I offer a practical solution

Our training programs equip female talent with toolkits to rise above organizational and interpersonal challenges so they feel more in control of their career. Having the toolkit to maximize their confident influential leadership leads high potential women to feel heard, to expand responsibility, and to have more interesting and strategic projects. They choose to stay dedicating their talents to the organization rather than leave the leadership pipeline.

What Participants say:

"Rated Most Valuable part of our Women in Leadership program" - Charlotte Hawthorne, Eli Lilly

"The best one day speaker I've seen at our company" - J.F Genentech

Dr. Sharon Melnick

Sharon Melnick, Ph.D. creates resilient leaders who get results in times of flux. She is a business psychologist whose practical behavior change tools are informed by 10 years of research at Harvard Medical School, field tested by over 6000 training participants, and applied by hundreds of clients to succeed at their next level. As CEO of her company, Horizon Point Inc., she has coached high potential and senior leaders at Deutsche Bank, Oracle, Freddie Mac, Pitney Bowes, Deloitte and numerous others. Read More…