Confident Influential Leader Program

More Influence and Impact on the business

Get more interesting and strategic projects and expand responsibility

Gain promotion in weeks, not months or years

In this virtual program, past participants have expanded their responsibility, gotten promoted, won new roles from interviews, and
increased effectiveness as a Change Agent in their current role.

Confident Influential Leader Program

1. Set and Pursue a Bold Goal:

Start the program declaring a specific outcome you want for the Program (e.g., A Promotion; Successful Project; Expanded responsibility), and the perception that is needed of you in order for decision makers to support that Goal. 

Identify and plan an inspiring ‘Bold Goal’ that helps you create this desired perception:  A Bold Goal helps you rise above ‘day to day’ responsibilities with an initiative that showcases strategic and leadership capabilities and makes you visible by a broader group of stakeholders. It re-energizes passion, positions you for future opportunities, and helps you overcome potential gender, ethnic, and/or generational bias.

2. Four months of in-depth skill building

Webinars are recorded. Video/audio Replays and Action Guide are housed in the learning portal, available at your convenience.

Month 1 Influence for Impact: Communicate Powerfully to Get a "Yes"

Get approval and buy-in for your ideas. Be that person who sounds eloquent and lights up the room with her ideas. Inspire others to action. Be invited to have a seat at the table across the organization.

  • Get a "Yes" the first time you ask and overcome resistance by developing X-Ray vision into needs of decision makers so you
  • Make a stakeholder map and Customize your "Ask" to each decision maker
  • Become a visible and Respected Thought Leader, Go To Expert, or Change Agent
  • Display an enterprise-wide mentality to achieve broad-based influence
  • Communicate concisely so people immediately ‘get’ your ideas
  • Articulate powerfully (even when thinking on your feet)

Month 2 Communicate with Confidence

Shift your Mindset: Stop playing small and step up into the most confident and bold version of yourself.  

  • Free yourself of self doubt, second guessing, hesitation, and fear of others’ judgments so you have confidence to take bold action and ask for next level opportunities.
  • Have a strong opinion without ‘coming on too strong’
  • Communicate confidently to big groups/senior leaders
  • Lift up from perfectionism to be a Strategic Leader
  • Speak up or pushback even when intimidated or worried
  • Communicate with confidence even if you don’t know all the answers
  • Fearlessly offer bold ideas and take risks
  • Trust yourself to make decisions without angst
  • Source confidence from within rather than worry how others will perceive you.

Month 3 Salience: Position Yourself for Next Level Opportunities

"Work" your stakeholder map to grow a network of people who support your next level advancement and expanded impact

  • Find and ask for a sponsor
  • Network to get known internally/externally by people who will help your career
  • Articulate your strengths and align them with organizational needs
  • Know how to show an 'enterprise wide' mentality so you are already seen as a leader
  • Position yourself as a 'go to' Expert

Month 4 Resilience: Be a Calm, Powerful Leader who Doesn't React

Stay emotionally in control by being fact based and objective. Turn ‘heat of the moment’ reactions where you used to feel disrespected or frustrated into actions that make others look to you as a leader. Have tools to find calm, stay present, and have ‘big ideas’ even during crazy busy days.

  • Stay poised and fact-based instead of reacting or being defensive
  • Stay calm and detach from difficult or intimidating people
  • Be alert and energized when you want it; calm and present when you need it 
  • Get out of the ‘weeds’ of your task list and act strategic

3. Monthly small group coaching and accountability calls

Get coached to achieve your Goal for the Program, adjust your ‘messaging’ to increase Influence, and position yourself for next opportunities. Be accountable for your progress. You will be inspired by and learn from confidential peer mentoring by other high achieving emerging leaders. 

To accommodate your schedule, you'll have multiple times you can choose from to be on the calls.  


4. 'Kick off the week' Monday a.m. call

Kick off your week with a lightening round in which you celebrate accomplishments from the prior week and set an intention for the upcoming week. These calls are energizing and inspiring.


5. Private chat forum

About the Coaches

Sharon Melnick, Ph.D. is a global authority on the advancement and retention of female talent. Her practical tools are informed by 10 years of research at Harvard Medical School and field tested by over 20,000 training participants.

With a team of multicultural coaches, her virtual coaching programs have a strong track record supporting white women, African-American, Asian, and Latinas to expand responsibility, gain promotion, and achieve significant recognition for increasing bottom line impact to the organization

An internationally sought after speaker,  she has presented at over 100 women’s leadership conferences (she has even presented at the White House and the United Nations).  Her trainings create buzz and receive repeat invites from over 25 Fortune 500 companies.

Her varying presentations on Resilience, Confidence, and Influence are hailed as “the most valuable part of our women’s leadership programs”, including from client organizations such as Eli Lilly, Genentech, Procter and Gamble, Celgene, MetLife, NY Life, Novartis, GE, Sodexo, Merck, OmniCom, Morgan Stanley, Freddie Mac, and many others.


She is the author of the bestselling books Confidence when it Counts: Rise Above Self-Criticism and Bias to Make your Mark and Success under Stress: Powerful Tools for Staying Calm, Confident, and Productive when the Pressure’s On, with a book in progress titled From Pigeon Holed to Promoted: Proven Strategies for Next Level Impact.  She is the CEO of Horizon Point Inc., an international coaching and training firm, and a certified WBE and LGBT supplier.


Marsha Haygood:

Building on her own passion, potential and goal fulfillment, Marsha Haygood founded StepWise Associates, LLC after a 25+ year career as an Executive in the corporate world. In starting her company, Marsha created a career and personal development consultancy with a clear mission: to offer professional and personal guidance to individuals, corporations and small business owners through coaching, facilitating self-exploration, and motivational speaking.

She is featured in a leadership book entitled Speaking of Success along with bestselling authors, Steven Covey, Ken Blanchard  and Jack Canfield. She collaborated on her second book which offers wisdom and career guidance to women of color.  The Little Black Book of Success: Laws of Leadership for Black Women was released by Random House in March 2010.  Marsha is the Co-founder of Leadership Excellence and Development Strategies, LLC (LEADS) and is one of the founding members of Black Women of Influence (BWOI).

Marsha possesses a Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology and Education and Certification in Training and Development.  She has won several awards for her work in the community and is a frequent speaker at conferences and trade associations.


Organizational Clients Include:

Horizon Point Inc. consistently receives highest ratings and 100% repeat invites for their corporate training and coaching.

Results from the Confident Influential Leader Program:

"I strongly recommend this program. Its the best thing I've done for my career in 10 years. After being stuck in my role for years, I successfully influenced to get a promotion within 10 weeks"

-  Jeri B., Genentech

"I was pigeon-holed in my role for 10 years, and within only one month, I changed the perception my boss and boss's boss had of me. I've expanded my role, am more fulfilled, and am helping to shape the way our company transforms for the future. Sharon Melnick is phenomenal at what she does. I highly recommend this program.”
-  J.F., Biotech company

 "It's very helpful at showing you how to apply the information you learn. Using the roadmap enabled me to achieve my long term career goal much faster – I was offered a senior leader role in the organization.  This was more than I thought possible and it was easier than I anticipated”         - I.L., BMS

“…Outweighs all other programs.  You can apply the tools Dr. Melnick provides right away.  In an influencing situation that was crucial to my career I had been getting a “No” I used the tools and right away I got a “Yes”Now I am moving the important work forward. ”        - Marcia D., Prudential                                   

I got a promotion, and both a raise and a bonus! I used to think inside my ‘to do list’. Now I think strategically,  I choose the projects I want,  AND my leaderships supports me.

Dr. Sharon Melnick is a Godsend. I made more progress in my self development and career progression in the few months of the program than I had made in years.

- Paulette R., Astra Zeneca

Exponentially improved my Influence within weeks. After I was ready to leave out of frustration, I’m having more impact than I ever imagined. Leaders in the organization I could never reach are asking ME for my ideas. Its mind boggling the way male colleagues and senior leaders just switched their mindset to now support me. I am now leading initiatives. I have to “do much less” to be “recognized much more” for what I deliver.
- Stefani K., Oil Company


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Results from the Next Level Leader Program:

“I built a new inner voice and made practical changes in my behavior. I used to take much more blame on myself, worry about what other people thought, and think that I wasn’t quite good enough. Now it’s a whole different picture: I started the most successful service line in our region. I developed a very influential position in the firm and have the most confidence I’ve ever had in my whole professional career!”
- Karen V., PriceWaterhouseCoopers

I was promoted within 90 days!  This program helped me get over my fear and be a leader so I could accomplish my Bold Goal. The company is making my Event a best practice. I was asked to present to the senior leadership team, and then a small group private dinner hosted by the CEO!! This program exceeded my expectations!
- Ebonee P, Astellas

In only 4 months I shifted from individual performer to managing half a team to now managing the whole team (something I thought I couldn't do a year ago). This changed the course of my career. I no longer seek people’s approval and I’m now anchored in being a Confident Leader everyday. I’m much faster and effective at solving problems at their root cause so I am taking on much bigger challenges. My manager now says I am more thoughtful, strategic, and making a bigger impact than people who have been in the role for 10 years.
- Julie C, Aptus Health

Your training was rated the Most Valuable part of our Women’s Leadership program.
- Eli Lilly

100% worth the investment!

- D.R., Bayer