Multicultural Women Leaders

Purpose of Program

Multicultural Women Leaders Pipeline Development Program

Developing a pipeline of multicultural women leaders to advance into senior leadership is an imperative in growth oriented organizations today. There is currently an unfilled gap: Multicultural women who have already achieved senior leadership are eligible for  developmental opportunities such as individual executive coaching. However, the broad band of women in early or middle manager roles (i.e., The 1-3 levels under Managing Director, Partner, SVP) have limited access or opportunity to learn the mindsets and skills to become an effective leader. This coaching and development program fills that gap, ensuring the successful creation of a pipeline of leadership-ready multicultural women.


I am frequently asked by multicultural women:

  • How do I have the confidence to ‘speak up’ in meetings with senior management so I can get noticed?
  • How can I think more strategically when I have so much work to get done throughout the day?
  • How do those senior women handle the work-life balance issue?
  • How did they start networking and how did they get a sponsor?


Our 6-month Pipeline Coaching Program teaches multicultural women to control the part of the promotion equation they can control: their own mindsets and skillsets.

Women learn the full set of tools to perform above expectations and create opportunities for themselves.  Participants leverage strengths, master the  “unwritten rules”, handle daily challenges with poise, and influence others.  Equipped with these skills, these emerging women leaders create more value for the organization and proactively advance their careers.

The 6-Month Coaching and Development Program can be conducted on-site or virtually. It includes:

  • Monthly topical trainings the first week of every month; Each training includes detailed slide deck, on-demand video replay, and worksheets to build skills throughout the month.
  • Monthly peer accountability group meetings (small group of peers at similar level;  Participants report in on progress towards prior month’s commitments and elicit group problem solving on a challenge; Discussions can include whether to make the groups “same race” or “cross race”)
  • Weekly brief email reminders to maintain attention to ongoing skill building
  • One Private consultation with coaching faculty
  • Opportunity to consult with lead coach Sharon Melnick, Ph.D. for Q & A twice per month during ‘Office hours.’

A 6-Month Coaching and Development Opportunity

Month 1: Manage Workload to Increase Strategic Thinking

This training teaches how to manage current workload to deliver results on the highest priority work… yet also be able to ‘lift up from the weeds’ to think strategically and network within and across functions. Have “all day focus” and still have energy left over for family!

Month 2: Self-Leadership and Leadership under Stress

Each participant has to ‘be an effective leader of herself in order to be an effective leader of others’. Participants gain clarity on: leadership strengths, desired career path, team vision and how her specific cultural experiences and beliefs facilitate/interfere with greater responsibility. Women learn to display leadership behaviors in everyday situations. Also includes signature self-management exercises from our popular “Leadership under Stress” trainings.

Month 3: “Speak Up”

Emerging women leaders want to contribute in forums with senior leaders but can be hesitant to ‘speak up’. This training gives detailed practical techniques to build confidence, know the value of their comments, command respect – and to do so even if they are younger than others in the room. Participants will also learn how to think critically, identify high and low value contributions, and assert comments in conflictual situations.

Month 4: Proactive Paths to Promotion

Talented women want step by step guidance to develop strategic relationships to improve current performance and further her career. Each participant develops a Relationship Building ‘Strategic Plan’ to identify mentors and possible sponsors to further her career path. Includes: how to set up a mentoring relationship, ask for sponsorship, inform a manager about your career interests, and read the ‘unwritten rules’ that often elude multicultural women.

Month 5: Influence and Friction Free Relationships

In research with hundreds of managers on my AMA webinars, 75% report they waste 45-90 minutes (or more) each day on friction in business relationships. Women frequently ask advice on how to deal with a difficult boss/colleague interfering with goal achievement. This training provides strategies to influence without authority, communicate to gain buy-in on projects. Also includes specific strategies to gain the cooperation of a variety of types of difficult people in order to stay focused on high performance and career acceleration.

Month 6: Sustainable Leadership

Participants plan for long-term maintenance of gains. Participants complete a proactive plan for career development and advancement, and know how to mentor others (“pass it forward”). They will be able to ‘self-coach’ through challenging situations and turn obstacles into opportunities for leadership. She will learn how to sustain the significant, noticeable gains in her leadership and in others’ perceptions of her leadership.

Bonus Module: Critical Thinking and Problem Solving

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Dr. Sharon Melnick

Sharon Melnick, Ph.D. creates resilient leaders who get results in times of flux. She is a business psychologist whose practical behavior change tools are informed by 10 years of research at Harvard Medical School, field tested by over 6000 training participants, and applied by hundreds of clients to succeed at their next level. As CEO of her company, Horizon Point Inc., she has coached high potential and senior leaders at Deutsche Bank, Oracle, Freddie Mac, Pitney Bowes, Deloitte and numerous others. Read More…