Welcome to the New Normal:

The average business professional has 30-100 projects on their plate.  Is interrupted on average 7x/hour.  Has 8 windows open on their computer.  Has been through a restructuring so doesn’t have clarity on their current or future role.

For women professionals in particular, we often stack even more stress on top.  We may face influencing challenges and don’t feel heard.  Our perfectionism or self doubt can feel like the hardest challenge to overcome.  We are the center of our ecosystem, so the stresses of our children and/or parents become our responsibilities.

How can we be even more effective yet preserve our well being amidst such high demand and constant change?  What are the practical tools we can use to stay calm, confident, and productive when the pressure’s on?

Stress resilience expert Sharon Melnick, Ph.D has answers!  Here are just a few of the skills over 7000 trainees have learned in her presentations and trainings:

Optimize Physiology: 3 minute Solutions for High Performance

  • Have steady focus all day and come home with 30% more energy for night
  • Stay poised under pressure: Instantly calm yourself and others from frustration/anger
  • Get back to sleep within 3 minutes when awaken at night
  • Know how to be “on” when you are “on”, and “off” when you are “off”
  • How to build in time for reflection into busy days
  • Access bursts of energy on demand (without caffeine or sugar)
  • Access the parts of your brain to think creatively vs. tactically

Optimize Perspective: Turn Obstacles into Opportunities

  • Improve ability to pivot: accept changing priorities and turn obstacles into opportunities
  • Keep all your 60,000 thoughts a day focused, motivated, and positive
  • Turn perfectionistic self criticism into confidence
  • Instantly calm nerves and summon the courage to speak innovative ideas
  • Stay factual instead of reacting in order to solve problems and keep relationships

Optimize Problem-Solving:  Business Effectiveness for Busy Days

  • How to manage the ‘always on’ culture
  • Create more uninterrupted time to “think” and complete high priority work
  • Gain buy-in and be heard…by influencing resistant colleagues
  • “Think clearly on your feet” when questioned in meetings
  • Have more clarity on successful outcomes to drive towards
  • Make decisions and be able to move forward
  • Improve the efficiency of work flow and get things done right the first time


  • Productivity gains,  improved team workflow, and leadership capacity
  • Effective problem solving/innovation and increased ability to implement change
  • Engagement and retention of High Potentials, Reduced absenteeism/presenteeism
  • Reduced stress and improved work-life balance

As CEO of Horizon Point Inc,  Dr. Sharon Melnick receives rave reviews and multiple repeat invites for her trainings and presentations. She is frequently brought in to speak before women’s leadership networks,  affinity groups/employee resource groups,  and team meetings.   Click on the brochure below to find out how you and your colleagues can learn practical tools to have Success under Stress.

Resilience Trainings for Organizational Change

Resilience Trainings for Women’s Leadership Networks